Splendid + EnrichLA

Ride Date: 11/21/14
written by Lead doGOODer, Bianca Dickerson


The Do Good Bus cruised into Downtown LA on Friday morning to pick up a group of 40+ employees from Splendid, a colorful clothing line for men, women, and children. They all wore custom designed Splendid Community T-Shirts with the motto “Together we can make a difference.” The energetic group jumped right in to  a few icebreaker games of Seat Scramble, Would You Rather, and Heads Up, before we arrived in front of El Sereno Middle School for a beautiful day gardening with Enrich LA.

Enrich LA is a community wellness non-profit organization that builds edible gardens in local schools, focusing on low-income and underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Tomas O’Grady founded Enrich LA two years ago and in that time they have worked to turn unused parking lots and spaces into beautiful gardens were students can learn in an outdoor setting.

Jasmine Limm was the Program Coordinator and our Garden Ranger for the day’s activities. We filed through the campus of the school to the garden space. There were rows of lush green plants and herbs that needed signs, weeds that needed to be pulled, wooden planters to build, and classroom doors to be painted. The Splendid Community group was divided into smaller teams and given wheel barrels, rakes, paint rollers, and drills. We jumped right in!

One team was in charge of building and painting small signs to label the basil, rosemary, apricot trees, beets, etc. that comprised of the garden. A much larger team had the task of clearing weeds and trash, adding mulch/soil, and trimming some of the overgrown plants. The painting team had the task of painting the doors in the outside classrooms with a chalkboard paint. A team of four took to some of the heavy duty saws and drills to build 4 small boxes and two large ones that would later be filled with soil and be the home for even more fruits and vegetables.
When we finally took a break for lunch, a parade of middle school students thanked us for all of our hard work! Dr. Francis Gipson joined us to tell us a bit about history of El Sereno Middle School. The inspirational Dr. Gipson helped to transform the school into an International Baccalaureate school. She fought to save the space where old army barrack style trailers had been demolished from becoming another parking lot. With the help of Enrich LA, the yield from the garden feeds the students, their families, and the community.
After lunch, the Splendid group put the finishing touches on their individual projects. When the time came to depart, I had to tear several of the Splendid employees from the job site. They wanted to keep working! We joined together for a group photo in front of the garden and headed back on the bus. A great day of hard work with Enrich LA inspired them all to continue to work to build a garden in every school!