Corporate Rides

Do Good Bus isn’t your average corporate teambuilding event.

Our team creates a unique environment to ensure your group can connect and strengthen bonds – all while giving back. There is natural teambuilding in working together on the projects at the causes we visit, but we also facilitate games and activities on and off the bus throughout the day.

Getting on the Do Good Bus is a great way for your team to work together, do GOOD together and learn about their community.


Some of our recent doGOODers include:
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Check out a full list here

Company Culture

We are proud of our company culture at Do Good Bus and we understand you’re proud of your culture as well. For each Corporate Teambuilding Ride, we work closely with your team to incorporate your core values and company mission.  Our team builds in time to research your company and your employees and can even make an office visit to spend some time evaluating what activities will be best for your group.

Our team is committed to helping you create true authentic bonds, improve communication and ensure a collaborative climate  — all while giving back.

A Little Mystery Helps

Keeping our projects a mystery is intentional.  Surprises are fun, but the mystery is also the first step in creating bonds, communication and even leadership change.  Since everyone is starting at square one with limited information, it allows for open communication and even a little space for unlikely leaders to speak up.  We also realize you’d like to have a say in things — so we are happy to share the destination with you and your team or work together to pick a cause that makes sense for your group.

Make an Impact, Give Back Locally

Coming into town for a retreat or convention?  Why not make a GOOD impact on the community you visit?  Our team has worked with causes and non-profits all over the US and can help you find a good fit for your team while you’re in town.  A Corporate Ride is a great full or half day activity to include in company retreats, trainings and destination meetings.  Not only will your team do GOOD and build team camaraderie, it’s a great way to see the city you’re visiting.  Our team can even incorporate a visit to a local museum, tourist destination or local bar.

Continuous Do Good

Part of successful team-building comes from a continuous focus. For some companies, planning one annual event does little for the group’s long-term success. A corporate culture integrating regular teambuilding exercises and allowing employees to connect and learn to trust each other will far better serve the group and organization than a big annual event. Our team can create a year long plan to incorporate multiple do GOOD trips and allow your employees to gain problem-solving skills while helping Do Good Bus plan solutions for a specific non-profit or cause.