Our Mission

Our Mission is to give individuals an opportunity to get involved together, do GOOD together and learn more about their community. We will accomplish these goals by:

  • Building awareness of local causes and those in need by offering fun and entertaining Community Rides for like-minded folks to work together to make a difference. As a fun twist, the destination is usually a mystery, which helps keep everyone open-minded.
  • Creating a unique community of new friends, teammates, students or employees by harnessing the power of working together, team-building and fun and games.
  • Encouraging riders to make a difference in the future by continuing to support the causes we visit.

Whether it is small disaster relief, homeless issues, helping kids and animals, or improving your neighborhood…we are here to give you access to causes in your community – all you have to do is hop on the bus!

While the name implies we simply “do good”, there is much more the Do Good Bus offers.  Our number one goal on the bus is to ensure everyone has a good experience — from the passenger to the non-profit.  That includes: feeling accomplished, feeling informed about the cause’s mission, keeping energy and spirits high and having an organized and efficient experience. Secondly, our goal is to create new bonds and strengthen existing ones through unique team building with a “do good” twist.  Our experience working with over 100 non-profits across the country has given us expertise in ensuring both the non-profit and the volunteer end their day feeling inspired and connected.  For us, it’s more than doing good…it’s creating community.