Our mission is to create awareness for local causes, build community amongst passengers and encourage continued support (aka, do good again!). Here are the numbers and facts that show we’re doing our best to reach those goals and stay true to our mission.
[Last updated: 4/1/17]


Quick Facts To Date

These are total numbers since our first ride in August 2010.

Total Rides = 238
Individual causes visited = 128
doGOODers participated = 5,042
Events celebrated on the bus = 40
Companies connected = 104
Cities Visited = 42

4 out 5 doGOODers say they would ride again!

Click on the images below for infographics

2014Chart_doGOODersScreen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.58.25 PM

Year by Year Impact

As of 2014, according to the LA2050 Report, only 21.5% of Angelenos volunteer.  That ranks Los Angeles 46th (out of 51 major cities) in the country. One doGOODer at time, we’re trying to change that number. Click on each year below for numbers and info about our yearly impact.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.24.56 AMconnect-stat1_x2.550x0

2016 Impact

Quick Facts

Total Rides = 53
Individual causes visited = 31
doGOODers participated = 1,420
Events celebrated  = 10
Companies Connected = 32
Student Groups = 7

2015 Impact

Quick Facts

Total Rides = 58
Individual causes visited = 37
doGOODers participated = 1,457
Events celebrated  = 10
Companies Connected = 30
Student Groups = 5


2014 Impact

Quick Facts

Total Rides = 52
Individual causes visited = 25
doGOODers participated = 1,313
Events celebrated  = 7
Companies Connected = 30
Cities Visited (outside LA) = 3

DGB2014-InfographicScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.37.31 AM

2013 Impact

Quick Facts

Total Rides = 14
Individual causes visited
 = 11
doGOODers participated = 410
Events celebrated  = 3
Companies Connected = 8
Cities Visited (outside LA) = 0

2012 Impact

Quick Facts

Total Rides = 18
Individual causes visited
 = 17
doGOODers participated = 637
Events celebrated  = 0
Companies Connected = 3
Cities Visited (outside LA) = 14

In 2012 we hit the road again to help the band Foster The People with their Do Good Project across the country. You can read more about the causes we visited on the Foster The Future website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.18.43 PM

2011 Impact

Quick Facts

Total Rides = 34
Individual causes visited
 = 35
doGOODers participated = 800
Events celebrated  = 0
Companies Connected = 2
Cities Visited (outside LA) = 23

We spent most of 2011 preparing for and then hitting the road with the band Foster The People on a 25 city Do Good Bus tour.  In each city, we loaded up with 30 passengers and took them to a surprise cause in their community. Each night at the concert, lead singer, Mark Foster, would then tell the story of our day to help spread awareness about the cause in that city.

1 bus  |  25 causes  |  750 volunteers  |  1 community

379480_299932793369000_1779598342_n ftp_map

Check out the blog post to read more and watch videos about who we met, what we experienced and where we went.

2010 Impact

Total Rides = 4
Individual causes visited
 = 4
doGOODers participated = 55
Events celebrated  = 0
Companies Connected = 0
Cities Visited (outside LA) = 1


Less Impact

Do Good Bus is committed to eliminating plastic bottles from our events and ask that all participants bring a refillable container. We also recycle all glass and aluminum used on the bus.

nowater Recycle_Icon_1

When we serve food on the bus, any salvageable leftovers or extras are donated to one of the following:

  • The cause we’re visiting
  • Local homeless shelter
  • Angelenos sleeping under the stars


Individual Impact

It’s great to get feedback on people’s experience on the bus – here are a few of our favorites. Read more testimonials here.


It was a very rewarding experience. Some of us started the day as mere acquaintances, but finished the day as a community, not only with ourselves but with the people we helped.

— Greg, doGOODer


Love the concept of making community service such a rewarding AND fun experience. Cant wait to do another with my organization!

–Jamila Veasley, Kaiser Permanente


I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did from the experts who had planned this. It was as much a fascinating education as it was a deeply fulfilling experience. I was so proud of what we had accomplished I bought my wife back the next day just to show her! If you’ve never volunteered for anything before, this is the best way to start.

–Tony, doGOODer


…so your Do Good Bus did good for me and now for the LKR organization! You are doing wonderful work and you personally are an inspiration.

–Mohan Chhabra, doGOODer

[On a Do Good Bus Community ride, Mohan made a long-lasting connection and in turn became one of the founding members of the LA Council for Little Kids Rock. Read her story here.]


After riding the bus in multiple cities along the Foster The People Do Good Bus Tour, Kenneth and Karen Roberts started their own version of the bus in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s called SUV (Serve Ur Village) and like the Do Good Bus has become a vehicle for doing good.

Read more here.